hello   welcome   introductory   video   php   framework   laravel   will   looking   when   started   progression   towards   current   version   why   developers   use   performance   pros   cons   websites   that   license   behind   begin   what   makes   easier   develop   application   most   sites   have   common   set   functionality   like   handling   sessions   data   validation   etc   something   prevents   from   re   writing   each   time   create   website   all   life   creating   maintaining   did   start   1   beta   released   june   9th   2011   by   creator   taylor   otwell   here   were   few   frameworks   before   codeigniter   being   popular   loved   simplicity   documentation   however   lacked   standard   such   as   authentication   methods   created   fill   these   gaps   had   built   features   eloquent   orm   libraries   extendibility   much   more   didnt   not   follow   mvc   yet   because   feature   controllers   enjoyed   clean   syntax   growing   potential   2   24th   november   just   5   months   after   fully   qualified   additions   other   introduced   blade   templating   engine   werent   happy   removal   3rd   party   modules   3   then   22nd   february   2012   new   centered   around   unit   test   integration   artisan   cl   migrations   starting   hold   weight   against   competitive   gaining   traction   community   began   bloom   posts   tutorials   lessons   bundles   4   known   illuminate   28th   may   2013   although   fast   releases   indicated   damage   credibility   labed   paced   unstable   rewritten   ground   up   collection   components   integrate   compose   installed   through   dependency   manager   called   composer   database   seeding   mailer   message   queues   latest   4th   2015   release   fresh   structure   default   project   route   cache   improvements   regards   commands   speed   registration   routes   should   developer   firstly   are   moving   over   previous   want   using   can   very   easy   adopt   find   exceptional   read   presented   simplistic   way   particular   laracast   videos   well   their   developing   into   easily   extend   object   relational   mapping   technique   write   sql   anymore   routing   pass   parameters   constraints   group   resources   crud   pages   almost   web   applications   require   form   provides   terms   doesnt   best   compared   caching   does   pose   dramatic   increase   grand   scheme   things   importance   unless   generates   lot   traffic   there   ways   server   optimizations   optimizing   itself   views   extendable   compiles   caches   results   used   automatically   generate   dummy   records   manually   mention   allows   only   install   need   bloat   wont   queuing   has   long   running   operations   queue   done   background   while   user   constraint   operation   sending   emails   prove   complicated   job   file   specify   credentials   email   sent   finding   answers   still   limited   comparison   cakephp   forums   irc   seem   quite   active   helpful   people   usually   answer   findable   s   core   files   within   namespace   which   inconsistent   uses   helper   functions   make   difficult   worry   about   delving   building   own   service   providers   discussed   fairly   poor   optimised   morgans   hotel   toyata   hall   fame   snappy   goosephp   tool   even   faster   get   extensive   amount   mit   free   charge   any   person   obtaining   copy   software   associated   careful   dependencies   include   hope   been   informative   thank   listening